Thierry Dufour, General Foreman at SobleTP.

SobleTP is a family-owned public works company, subcontracting public works corporations for earthworks. Its teams have been using Fouilles 3D since the end of 2019.

What was your main problem about georeferencing ?

Since the beginning of the year (Editor’s note: 2020), public works companies have to provide centimetric accuracy georeferencing for sensitive networks in urban areas.

Our topographer is therefore constantly called upon to visit our sites, which extend over 5 departments: several times we already had to call an external topographer to avoid falling behind in our activity.




How does SobleTP use F3D and how has this solution been received by your teams?

My team leaders were able to take the pistol directly into their hands and they are now autonomous with it. They use it everydays.

What are the benefits of using F3D?

Team schedules are less complex: we save precious time. Since fall 2020, we have been able to handle the increase in activity with complete peace of mind.

What if you had to sum up F3D in a few words?

Simple and effective (laughs)