The field teams makes surveys in CAD/GIS formatwith the "Data Capture" add-onPlanningGround MarkingDetectionAltimetric Control
Add-on « I2D », the site inventory app​Collect field data and photos of the environment
to amend a survey or make a geolocalized inventory

Make F3D more profitable by adding new features!

Add-on Data Capture

  • Stakeout from DXF

  • Location of existing utility networks from a digital plan

  • Earthworks and real time altimetric monitoring

  • Utility networks detection


Add-on I2D, the Site Inventory App

  • Data collection tool to amend F3D surveys or make a geolocalized site inventory

  • Customized forms, adapted to your users’ needs

  • Forms with photos, for a visual inventory of your sites