Georeferencing and surveying open trench utility networks

F3D meets the requirements of the most demanding regulations, from the georeferencing of utility networks in centimetric accuracy to the drawing of the control plan

For all utility networks

From the digging to the plan


The easiest way for the field crew to georeference utility networks


The survey report is available on the Field Crew smartphone, and on the Surveyor computer in 10 minutes

How does F3D work ?

From georeferencing to drawing the plan, in a few minutes

On site, the field crew makes the survey in centimetric accuracy.

The survey is made :

  • In a single intervention,

  • In centimetric accuracy (X, Y and Z),

  • Safely, without going down into the dig, ,
  • Without making any ground markings,

  • Without waiting for the topographer!


Leica GG04 plus Smart Antenna

Rugged Smartphone

Mobile App


Easy learning

Centimetric accuracy X Y Z


Long life battery

Only one button

Rugged (IP68)

Long life battery

Android OS

Large storage capacity


Don’t let your team wait any longer for the Surveyor-Topographer to georeference utility networks.
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